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In 2017, we quit our jobs to do something we’ve been dreaming about for the better part of a decade; start a brewery.  We named ours Best of Kin as a tribute to our father who we lost too soon. Our goals are simple: make the best damn beer we possibly can, so we can share it with the ones we love and raise a glass to the ones we’ve lost. We hope you’ll enjoy a pint with us soon.

best of kin social is now open!

Join us for pints, drinks, and a full menu of your favourite foods.

We are located in Sunalta, YYC at 1059 14 St SW.


the best

BOK Bracket.png

Barley Pop, a light lager with a little attitude. Made with Western Canadian ingredients for your drinking pleasure. Pairs well with camping, BBQ-ing, apres-ing, or lawn chair-ing. Enjoy, this beer is homegrown.


The first edition of our Big Hat IPA series will keep you warm on the longer winter nights with juicy tropical notes from the Pacific NW and subtle earthy flavours of the Pacific SW.  Strap in and stay cozy Alberta.


This is the beer that your dad keeps stocked in his bar fridge and goes straight to after a long day’s work.  A clean drinking lagered ale based on a traditional German recipe.


BOK Bracket.png

Best of Kin has
teamed up with
Calgary Heritage Roasters to bring you
this fall seasonal.
Sailor’s Delight is
a well-rounded
stout with the
addition of hickory
smoked coffee
beans, sugar kelp
and a pinch of sea
salt. This beer
combines the salty
coastal air with
your cozy morning
coffee. Arr!


A New England style pale ale with low bitterness and a crisp finish. Notes of white wine, gooseberry and stone fruit. To burst the hop flavour and aroma, sauvignon blanc grape juice was added mid-fermentation. Curl up with a fancy wine glass and giddy up.


Best of Kin
Tafelbier is a
full flavoured
beer designed
to celebrate
the end of a
hard day's work.
Inspired by
Belgian and French
farmhouse ales
this refreshing
beer will drink
light, with hints
of spices and
citrus, and finish
dry on the palate.
Sit back, relax
and enjoy.
You deserve it.


Potluck IPA 2.0 is
a throwback to
one of BoK’s first
releases. This is a
twist on a
traditional IPA,
but with a scoop
from each
potluck dish!
Dive into this
Best of Kin
classic and enjoy
the fruit salad
aromas and the
malty biscuit-y
backbone. What
are you taking to
the potluck?


Best of Kin would like to introduce you to your new summer crush! This cutie is packed full of tangerine and blood orange juice to make those summer activities feel a little more rewarding. A refreshing beverage that will make these short summer months last a little longer.

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