In 2017, we quit our jobs to do something we’ve been dreaming about for the better part of a decade; start a brewery.  We named ours Best of Kin as a tribute to our father who we lost too soon. Our goals are simple: make the best damn beer we possibly can, so we can share it with the ones we love and raise a glass to the ones we’ve lost. We hope you’ll enjoy a pint with us soon.

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Designed for lawn sports, lawn chairs, and hard days of yard work. This American blonde ale is smooth and crisp with a subtle bitterness from specialty German hops.

There’s a whole party of malts and hops in this beer that brings a potluck of flavours.  It’s a pale ale with a fruity nose and a malty finish. Plus a little extra oomph.

This is the beer that your dad keeps stocked in his bar fridge and goes straight to after a long day’s work.  A clean drinking lagered ale based on a traditional German recipe.

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